Curating context

This week I have been to a really interesting seminar about art outside its normal context of museums and the so called white cubes. People from around Europe were gathered and talked about their projects outside gallery spaces. It was not only about so called public art in the sense we know as art in urban spaces or buildings and how that is planned for, there were also talks about how the civic can be engaged in art projects, how specific venues can be used to actually strengthen art works and then they also talked about the difficult and sad situation that artist in some countries are forced to act in unusual ways because of the political situation. Many of the projects are quite politic almost activist and although I don’t believe in too strong or too obvious political message in art these talks proved what I already think, that art without being too explicit can pinpoint or show a problem, raise questions and in that way have an input on really important issues.

This is a field I am very interested in. I strongly believe in getting people engaged and involved in art projects. My experience of that is very very good. I also like when art are taken out of the art world and closer to people, so more people can experience it, take part in it and use it. Because so many of us need it. I feel very inspired and will continue working in this direction.




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